8 Remarkable Ways PPC Helps Your Small Business

The surge of internet-based marketing in the 21st century has evolved into profitable niche advertising concepts like PPC, or pay-per-click. In a sea of technological options, how do you know if PPC is the right advertising model for your small business? Read on to discover these eight remarkable ways PPC can help your small business.

1. Introduces Your Brand

PPC is an effective way to introduce your brand and make customers notice you if your small business is new or struggles.  PPC provides potential customers with immediate access to what your site offers while you build your SEO. Additionally, a profitable PPC ad campaign means you don’t need to worry about compliance to frustrating changes in ranking algorithms.

In short, you may be better off solidifying your online presence with PPC first over focusing solely on how to place your site’s SEO at the top of the search list.

2. Targets Your Customers

Traditional means of advertisement are visible to a big range of shoppers. With PPC, you can reduce your risk of investing ads on an audience not interested in your business and focus instead on your target customer – those who are more likely to want your service or product.

You can also tailor your ads with specific information for the most interested shoppers. Use locations, keywords, interests, and even days and time to target precise customers.

3. Encourages Local Search Customers

PPC can boost the amount of local traffic your business sees. Mobile-driven customers that seek services or products like yours will encounter your ads, and a simple click reveals how they can reach your store. In fact, shoppers who find local information during a search may be more likely to visit your store. When so many people are willing to shop local, it pays to use PPC to reach out to them.

4. Allows You a Flexible Marketing Budget

Old school marketing budgets were for storefront banners, paper flyers, and newspaper ads. PPC marketing is different because its flexibility gives small businesses a bit of a break when capital is tight. You choose how much to pay for each click and for each ad or campaign.

5. Provides Measureable Results

PPC marketing is scientifically measureable where advertisements and physical signage rarely reveal profit or loss details. Reporting tools or conversion metrics tell you which campaigns work or don’t work so you can adjust your strategy and budget accordingly.

6. Generates Fast Results

Ever wish your small business could welcome a wave of customers once you place a sandwich board on the front sidewalk? Traditional marketing does not work like this, but PPC is one way to run an advertising campaign to get fast results. Once you run your PPC ads online, internet click traffic can start immediately.

7. Lets You Explore More Marketing Strategies

Sold on PPC but still like traditional advertising methods? You can use PPC to explore whether different campaign options appeal to customers.

For example, you can set up different PPC ads with various ad copy or titles and then analyze the results. Choose the ads with the highest CTR, or click-through-rate, and work that copy into your traditional flyers, stickers, or banners without paying for expensive trial-and-error print costs.

8. Is Easy to Start

Now might be the ideal time to consider PPC for your small business. Check with a reputable digital marketing company to see how you can get started without spending more on PPC than the amount you get in return.

Eggrock Marketing can help you test different simple scenarios, strategies, and ads until you find the best fit for your business niche. Call and find out how we can help set up and optimize your unique PPC ad campaign.

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